Marathon Training Tips – Learn how to Train Smarter and Run Faster

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What’s the secret to effective marathon training? Can training for a marathon be fun? How can you improve your performance as a runner? And how can running benefit your mental and physical health?

Good questions? Yes, they are.

Wherever you are in your marathon running journey, I want to share those moments of pride with you and offer tons of marathon advice. All based on many years of running experience and research.

I know how to train for a marathon, and I know all about those moments

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You are going to need an effective marathon training schedule and a healthy dose of determination to get there!

Let’s jump right in and discover 70 marathon tips every marathon runner needs to know:

Marathon Training Tips

1. Stretching is not optional. Protect your body from running injuries by learning how to stretch properly and incorporating those stretches into every run, no matter how short.

2. Even the most devoted marathon runners take a day off each week. This is yet another way to protect your body from injury. Since the long run is so challenging, you may want to designate the day just before or after that run as your rest day.

3. You don’t have to be the tough guy pushing through the pain. Pay attention to signals from your body that you need a break or that something is wrong. Push too hard and you will only end up sidelined with an injury.

4. Marathon runners don’t just race marathons. Incorporating shorter races (5K races, 10K races and half marathon races) into your marathon training schedule is an excellent way to prepare for the upcoming 26.2 miles.

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5. Incorporate hills, even if your marathon course will be flat. Going uphill helps you train for increased power while going downhill is a lesson in speed.

6. You don’t have to run every single day to call yourself a runner. Cross training is valuable and can shake up your marathon routine so you never get bored.

7. Learn the time of day that your marathon will be raced and run some of your runs at that time. This is especially helpful if you are in the same climate and time zone as your marathon destination. Use my ever-expanding marathon guide as a useful resource to select the marathon that fits you best.

8. Wear your marathon gear in during marathon training runs. There should be nothing new on your body come race day. You want to know that everything works properly and feels comfortable.

9. Work your marathon training schedule into your daily life so you do not lose focus of anything important. A set routine will ensure your loved ones are not neglected and your training sessions actually happen as planned.

10. Get ready and willing to adjust your routine and change your marathon running schedule as needed. You will be training for a long period of time and success will depend on your ability to bend when things change or special circumstances come up.

Are you thrilled to get some more marathon tips at your fingertips? 60 marathon tips are waiting for you!

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