Marathon Guide : Challenging Marathons Around The World

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Are you in need of a marathon guide full of interesting marathon challenges around the globe? Do you prefer to run close to home, or are you in for a wonderful experience on the other side of the world?

This comprehensive marathon guide sheds light on many famous marathons around the world. Find information about lesser-known marathons and why you should run them!

Running a marathon abroad can be an incredible experience. Thousands of enthusiastic runners participate every year in New York, Boston, Berlin, London and many more places. It is a dream for almost every marathoner to participate in one of those big races.

Marathon training may even become part of your travel plans!

Marathon Guide: Find the Marathon that Suits You

Marathon GuideThere are thousands of marathons all over the world. There has been an explosive growth in marathon runners; in the last decades, more and more cities have made it possible to run a marathon.

Which marathon will you choose? That is a very personal choice. Do you like to run in a pack or do you prefer to be on your own? Do you feel happy with cheering spectators or quiet streets? Is spending a few extra dollars a problem for you or is your marathon budget flexible enough?

These questions are why I am building an ever-expanding marathon guide!

Find your answers, read about different options, and I am sure you will pick a great marathon!

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Marathon Guide Abroad

Running a marathon is already an enormous challenge. It may be an even bigger adventure if you choose to pick one in another country. Follow my marathon guide and tips to fully enjoy this experience for life!

Research your marathon
Make sure to research all the information you need to be fully prepared for your marathon adventure. Think about location, time differences, where to stay…and don’t forget to look for qualification rules. The Boston Marathon is known for strict guidelines.

Register early
A popular marathon may be fully booked soon after the start of registration. You don’t want to miss a marathon simply because of late registration.

Check for Visa requirements
If you need a Visa, don’t put yourself under stress and start the application process early! Often you can get it at the airport, but this may take more time.

Pack on time
Pack your marathon gear at least one day before departure. Don’t forget your running shoes, watch, clothes and all the other gear you need.

Take time for acclimatization
Arrive in the country of your marathon at least one week before the race. This way your body can adapt to the climate and possible time differences. Be careful with local food because it may upset your stomach!

Be on time to the start
It is better to be at the start line one hour too early than too late! You don’t want to cope with extra pressure on marathon race day.

I hope this marathon guide helps you to select the marathon that best suits your needs. Race and enjoy!

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