Marathon Running Stories From The Running Community

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Yes, we do provide dozens of free marathon training and running tips on this website. And the number of articles is growing every day. But we thought it would be even greater if you can submit your very own marathon running story.

That’s right – we would love to hear from you. And the really cool part is when you submit your story… it becomes ‘live’ on our site!

Contribute today and inspire fellow runners and let others inspire you!

This is a win-win situation for the marathon running community.

What are you waiting for, just start typing! :-)

Share Your Marathon Story with the World!

As a passionate marathon runner I love to READ about real marathon stories. Which marathon did you run? Was it your best run ever or did you hit the famous marathon wall? :-) I like to hear it all!

You can find my marathon running story in the about me section.

Take your time to inspire me and many fellow runners with your story!

This way you will create your own webpage.
Sounds great right! :-)

We look forward to having your story be a part of the Marathon Training Tips Community!

What Other Marathon Runners Have Said :

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