The Best Running Books for All of Your Running Goals

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There are thousands of running books on the market today, but reading them all would take too much time out of your running schedule.

I used my running expertise and knowledge of these books to identify the top contenders in each category. This will give you instant access to the best running books currently on the market, according to your interests.

You no longer have to dig through thousands of books on a website or in a store trying to find that one book that will provide the information you need at the moment. As your running needs change, come right back here to find new books in new categories.

Running Magazines

Many runners feed their passion for the sport and pick up tidbits of helpful information by reading running magazines. The stories are always changing and you can typically read an article in short span of time.

If you find something inspirational you can keep it on hand and go back to it when you need words of encouragement. The best magazines feature advice and ideas from leading professionals in the sport, so there is always something new to learn.

Beginner Running Books

If you are just starting out as a runner, or are transitioning from walking to running, you should start with the best running books written for beginners.

You will establish a solid foundation of knowledge about the sport, so the more advanced books are easier to understand.

You may not be ready for most of the advice given out in more advanced books, which means you may not be able to apply a lot of that advice to your runs.

Read a good beginner’s book or two, and when you feel the introductory information has been well absorbed, move up to another running book of your choice. You will be thankful for that solid foundation of knowledge as you start running longer distances, working on speed, and entering more races.

Half Marathon Running Books

Running 13.1 miles takes a bit of training. The problem is, many runners don’t know the secrets to developing a half marathon training plan, setting a reasonable pace, or determining what types of runs are important for this type of race training.

You can run ahead of the race by picking up half marathon related books to guide your preparation and training process.

The best running books in this category will help you fine tune your training plan and give you preparation tips for race day. You will go into the race more confident and better trained.

Marathon Running Books

The marathon can be intimidating and inspiring. It can be defeating and rejuvenating. It all depends on how well prepared you are to take on the 26.2 mile course of your choice.

You won’t make it through your first marathon successfully if you are not well trained, mentally focused, and prepared for the weather and other demands of the course.

Reading the best marathon related books before and during your training season will ensure you have a solid foundation of marathon running knowledge before you step up to the starting line.

Ultra Marathon Running Books

You cannot enter an ultra marathon without a lot of advice and inspiration from others who have raced before you. Races with more miles than a marathon are extremely intimidating to most runners, and not all will take this step into the ultra marathon world.

If you are up for the challenge, you will need at least a couple of the best running books to pump you up and give you insider information that will help you push through the most difficult moments in the upcoming race.

How you train for an ultra marathon is extremely important. If you do not train properly, you will not likely make it to the end of the race.

This is the point where time and speed become far less important than your ability to mentally focus and push to the end. Books that explore what it takes to complete an ultra marathon will help you get there.

Women Running Books

Women can read any of the books listed in other categories, but most will enjoy reading books by and for women specifically as well.

The books in this category are the best running books I have come across that directly target the female population. They are all a bit different and give out different types of information, so you will have to look through and see what catches your eye or meets your informational needs at this time.

How to Run Faster Books

You may start out just hoping to make it to the end of a 5K without walking, but eventually you will reach a point where you want to pick up some speed.

Rather than making it to the end of a race, you are worrying about making it to the end of the race within a personal record breaking time.

That is when you are ready for the running books listed in this category. The best running books presented here will help you pick up the pace without burning out.

General Running Books

Some of the best running books I have come across do not fit neatly into any of the other categories. I am presenting them in a general category, so you can see what else is on the market today.

Look here for books on running that may motivate and inspire, as well as some that may give additional running tips that aren’t found in books listed under any other category.

If you just like reading about running in general to immerse yourself in this passion, you may find the perfect book in this category.

All of the best running books I have come across will be assorted throughout these categories. Look around in the categories that fit your current running goals, and see what you can find!

I hope that you find the perfect books to pick up your spirit, push your feet forward, and round out your training plan perfectly.

As your running goals change and your thirst for knowledge increases, you can come right back here to explore other categories. I will continue to update my lists to ensure you always find the best running books when you stop in.

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